5 Worst Movies of 2019 – So Far

After picking my top 5 best movies of 2019 so far, now it’s time for the 5 movies that I think are the worst so far this year.

As in my top 5 list,, we’re only taking a look at the movies that are released till the second week of June.

5. Missing Link

Missing Link is Laika‘s least successful movie till date and that’s saying something because their movies have not been performing so well at the box office since their 2009 movie Coraline. Their animation remains top notch, but their storytelling and business sense definitely needs an upgrade. Laika keeps making movies that nobody cares about and Missing Link is more of the same and down right boring.

4. Cold Pursuit

With Liam Neeson bowing out of the movie, right after the first act of the movie, I couldn’t understand why he was in the poster of the movie. After Neeson, all we’re left within the movie are a bunch of low-grade European actors in European locations trying to convince us that they’re Americans. And they failed miserably at it. Also, the portrayal of female character was downright misogynistic

3. Hellboy

Hellboy was supposed to be a movie that stays true to its source material. But, what we got was something totally similarly to Guillermo del Toro‘s Hellboy and that makes me wonder, why was him and Ron Perlman even replaced for this movie. And they said this movie was a reboot, but it was not. It’s like they blatantly lied to the audiences. And it doesn’t help that the script is poorly paced and uninventive.

2. Pet Sematary

Its like someone buried Stephen King’s actual horror novel in the actual pet sematary and this movie is what crawled out of it. Also, it was supposed to stay true to its source material, it seemed to make changes to the book and the first movie for no reason at all.

1. Dark Phoenix

Again, this movie was supposed to get it right and stay true to its source material but failed miserably at it. And this was the second attempt by the same studio to get this one iconic storyline right. The X-Men brand in large has been good and to see it go out like this disappointed me so much. This movie should never have been released once Disney-Fox Deal was done

Those are my 5 Worst movies of 2019 so far, but with half a year still to go, I’m sure we all will get chances to be more disappointed by movies that were supposed to be good.

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