Aladdin 2? – My 3 wishes for the Sequel

With Maleficent sequel right around the corner after Alice in Wonderland. These 2 movies are the only Disney Live Action movies that have gotten a sequel so far, Aladdin seems like a perfect fit for the next movie to get a sequel. Particularly, because the movie is loved by the audiences and that’s what Disney seems to care for while making a sequel to its live-action fairy tales. However, Aladdin has done strong business in its opening 2 weeks as well.

But, I think Aladdin will still need to do the numbers in and around the first Maleficent movie which was around $750 Million, for Disney to consider a sequel, which I think it will.

So if Disney decides to go for a sequel, Here are my 3 wishes ( Genie Pun ) for the sequel. I hope you’re reading Disney Executives.

1. The Return of Jafar

This was a no brainer, as it was the direct sequel for the animated movie Aladdin where they battle it out with Jafar once again. In the animated movie, the only way to defeat a Genie would be to destroy its lamp. Which Iago does in the movie by kicking it into the lava, but Iago doesn’t seem like the character to do it in the live action version, who knows they might turn him into the character from the animated movie. But if not, I second Abu should do it. That would be a cute moment.

2. Aladdin’s Dad

Aladdin’s Dad was introduced in the second sequel to the animated movie to be the King of thieves which would make Aladdin a royalty amongst thieves. With this Aladdin movie setting up Jafar to be a thief once, maybe the two of them had a history, and we could have a backstory. Maybe they could even turn Aladdin’s dad into a villain. That would be a great way to differentiate itself from the animated movie.

3. Jafar’s New Master

This one is more of personal preference. With Jafar now trapped in the Lamp, Maybe someone else retrieves it from the Cave of Wonders and maybe it’s a female character, who witnessed Jafar turning into the Genie. Maybe she has a thing for Aladdin and believes that the only way to win his heart would be to become the Sultana. Oh, that would be amazing.

So these are my 3 wishes when it comes to the Aladdin’s sequel, let me know what are yours down below.

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