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So, Apple Entertainment, which is the primary distributor for foreign films here in Nepal and is listed out as an authorized agent for Fox Studios and Sony Pictures, decided to not release Detective Pikachu here in my country. Is it because they thought it could take some of the audiences away from Avengers: Endgame? Now that Fox is owned by Disney.

Hmmm… I’m not too sure about it, but it certainly would’ve given moviegoers like me an option to not watch Endgame about 5 times in theatres.

I have to admit, I have followed the Pokemon world since I was a kid, when I was first introduced into the pokemon games on Gameboy, which I played on my PC with an emulator, as we didn’t have any game boys here in Nepal. Then there was the dubbed animated series which blew my mind away. But the recent craze of Pokemon Go did not get to me, probably because I didn’t have enough time to go around in the real world catching pokemon in my mobile phone… which I thought would’ve interesting enough but oh well…

So, I want to start off my review by saying that this movie is not a Kids movie, even though it’s packaged like one and marketed like one but it most definitely is not a kids movie. The movie right off the bat starts off with a Dead Mom joke involving Cubone, which I thought was hilarious.


The visual for this movie reminds me of quite a bit of Blade Runner. The setting and visuals of Ryme city felt so much like a live action version of Zootopia, which I think was commendable because the original was an animated movie compared to this one. The movie then switches to mostly night scenes which again reminded me of Blade Runner, except for that one amazing day sequence which was super cool to look into and felt really more like an anime.


The movie is not about pokemon training and battles, so you don’t really need to know much about all the pokemon around. However, there are cuts and references to these, which I think is an excellent nod that the battles do really exist in this world. Along, with one particular cut, which was straight up from the anime. I noticed it and I don’t even watch the anime. So, you don’t really need any pokemon knowledge to follow along but it does dive deep in some occasions into the pokemon world.

However, there’s only one pokemon battle in the entire movie and even that doesn’t go along as you would expect.


The narrative of the movie is certainly gripping and it did get me hooked on from the start till the end. The mystery surrounding the story is intriguing but nothing too special or surprising as an avid movie goer can usually figure out the final twist, as I did, about 3 quarters into the movie.

Justice Smith

I have to say, I absolutely loved Justice Smith in this movie. He caught my attention when I saw him perform in Jurassic World. And I think that Comedy actually is his forte but he can also pull off dramatic scenes pretty well, as he did in one sequence of this movie, where he had an intense monologue.

Kathryn Newton

Her character in the movie has been styled exactly like an anime version of Lois Lane, with all the reporter and detective angle. She certainly wasn’t in the movie just as eye candy but they both made a good & competitive team.

Ryan Renolds / Detective Pikachu

Ryan Renolds as you would expect got a slew of funny lines for his Detective Character, which I think was very well written and well delivered. Many would compare him to one of the other characters that he recently did so well (cough) Deadpool… (cough). But  I think, his vocal pitch was significantly softer and sweeter than his Deadpool Character. You really feel that his voice coming out Pikachu is real

Detective Pikachu

I’ve got to say, the VFX team here did a great job at making Detective Pikachu act. They really made him look like a real fantasy animal.

That line, I think made no sense

With all the cute fur and hands along with the eyes, Oh my god the eyes, boy they were expressive. They depicted sadness and joy so perfectly.


Along with Pikachu, people I think would also love the psyduck character as I really enjoyed him. Especially all his interactions with Pikachu. I think they were hilarious.


Newsweek did an article a month ago interviewing the cinematographer of the movie John Mathieson. (Read more about it here). They asked him why his movie looked so much better than the new Sonic Movie to which he actually replied that his movie was shot in the real film as opposed to digital which he feels makes a difference. He has previously worked on amazing movies like Gladiator, X-Men – First Class, and Logan. And his experience really shows it here.

Easter Eggs

The movie is absolutely filled with pokemon easter eggs, introducing a lot of different types of pokemon. I would’ve loved it if they somehow even introduced Mew as opposed to only Mewto. But there were a lot of other Hollywood Easter Eggs in the movie as well. So, you should definitely keep an out for those when you watch this movie.

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