Godzilla – King of Monsters – SPOILER Review


I have to say I’m not a hardcore Kaiju Fan, so it was interesting to me on how the movie would take its general direction towards introducing me towards the Kaiju world and making me care for them. I would say it would certainly be a bit hard to do that because, I personally have no understanding of this, other than the fact that Godzilla is a giant lizard.

But, these are the movies other than the Marvel movies, that makes me regret not having an IMAX theatre in my country.

Oh one can certainly wish.

I’ve got to say right at the start that this movie is not for everyone, I enjoyed it but I don’t think the gentleman beside me did as much, as he slept through a good portion of the movie, including some Kaiju actions.

It has certainly divided the critics as you can see from the Rotten Tomatoes rating which at this moment is at 40% and has a splash next to it, but it has a strong audience rating of 86% which means that most of the moviegoers enjoyed it, and so did I.

As far as the cinemascore is concerned, the movie has a good B+ next to it, which is on par with the 2014 Godzilla movie, but that movie only made close to around $600 million, so we have to wait and see how much this one makes. However, the first-week box office certainly has been underwhelming for the King of Monsters as it only managed to get to around $47 million in its opening weekend. Ouch! But a strong audience rating in RT can certainly help it get some hold in its second week, but it does face tough competition from X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which is officially the first Marvel Movie that is being released after the recent acquisition of FOX.

Onto the Review then:

3D Effects:

The movie certainly had a lot of awesome 3d Moments as it should have. It’s a monster and disaster movie combined, both of which genre is very suited for the 3D effects. I’m not sure about the 4D aspect of the movie as there aren’t any 4D theaters around in my country, but I suppose this would be an ideal movie for the 4D effects. Oh, I wish I could experience that one day in Nepal.

World Building:

I have to say the world building in this movie is excellent. The lore and the myths that have been established in this movie would have a huge impact on how the movie franchise moves forward in the future years, especially with the next movie already announced for 2020 which is Godzilla Vs Kong, I’m not sure they would go with the same name but it does sound cool.

I liked the fact the Kaijus were all divided throughout the world with each of the major cities getting their own Kaiju, it’s like a sports team. We did see a bunch of different Kaijus throughout the world but it kept me wondering wasn’t anyone guarding Skull Island and Kong, or is it just that they wanted to save him for the next movie. Maybe Kong is the one who can challenge Godzilla for the throne as an alpha.

All in all this movie does lay the groundwork for a good Kaiju world with all of these monsters.

Script & Twist:

I was disappointed at first that the movie decided to take the mad scientist route and go the way of crazy environmentalist, who believes that genocide is necessary for the survival of the planet, but later on when the movie threw the twist at me that Vera Farmiga’s character was the one who actually came up with the plan, that got me interested. I was even more intrigued when the character of Milly Bobby Brown was revealed to have been in on it, and actually made the decision to get it done because usually the teenage characters are not portrayed as evil but in this case, it was a very good twist.

Other than that there weren’t any significant plot as far as the humans are concerned. The story arc for Kyle Chandler was certainly interesting one though as he went from hating Godzilla, for killing his child and wanting to kill Godzilla for it to come to a realization that they need to co-exist with Godzilla as there are worse monsters around, but I’m not sure how you come to that situation as I suppose the death of a child isn’t something that you forgive that easily.



For me, I felt Ghidorah be like the eastern Japanese Illustrations of a dragon, come to life. His was the least realistic of all the Kaijus but it still felt like the character had a purpose. I was pleasantly surprised when he was introduced to be a being from outer space or a False God as Ken Watanabe’s character actually coined the term in the movie. So, no wonder he was the most overpowered of them all. I like the comparison he had with Hydra, and I was like maybe 2 heads are gonna pop up when his head was cut off, which was not the case but I really liked the fact that all the heads have different personalities and you could see the occasional banter between them.


Mothra is spectacularly beautiful in this movie, as the one called the Queen of Monsters should be so it was really sad when she was killed off towards the end of the movie by Rodan, but it was awesome that she wasn’t just a decoration as she had a big part to play when it comes to defeating Ghidorah and helping Godzilla. I’m pretty sure they’re gonna revive her in some ways in the next movies as it would be a shame to lose such an amazing character so early in the franchise, which I think is going to be the case even for Ghidorah as we see in the end credits scene, that we will discuss later on.


Rodan for me was the best Kaiju in the movie as his action sequence in the Mexico city was probably the highlight of the movie. It showed how deadly the Kaijus could be and he served to be the good plot point to illustrate the animal instinct that these Kaijus have. But Rodan did kill Mothra towards the end and I wasn’t too pleased about that. But at the end, he does bow down to Godzilla, the real king so I guess it’s alright.

End Credits:

Yes, this movie did have an end credit scene where the character of Charles Dance shows up and someone sells him one of Ghidorah’s head. I suppose they will use that to explain how Ghidorah comes back to life in the future movies, but in reality, I would have loved an end credit scene showing Kong to set up the next movie in line. I think that would have been the perfect way to build excitement.


In conclusion, the movie was a good watch and certainly had interesting moments without much of a script and dialogues, but that is not why you would go to watch this movie. It does a really good job at setting all the characters up and from the next movie they could really dive into the Kaiju lore if they’re not too busy getting Godzilla and Kong to fight each other.

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