JJ Abrams to lead DCEU movies?


JJ Abrams is in the process of making a huge commitment to WB estimated to be around $500 Million. And, Many sources have suggested that WB wants Abrams to take over DCEU movies.

Recently, there were rumors that James Gunn would be leading the DCEU when he was chosen to direct the upcoming Suicide Squad  Movie. But that was never going to happen as Kevin Feige has had a very close relationship with Gunn, and it was evident as he got Disney to re-hire Gunn after his child pornography jokes. And because of that, Gunn is never going to stab Feige on the back by strengthening the competition.

Bad Robot, the company run by Abrams has been so prolific in multiple sized screens, I think he might actually be worth the $500 million. Particularly because WB is aggressively moving towards streaming. Bad Robot in the past have had a movie deal with Paramount but they’ve been making a lot of TV shows with WB in the past 10 years.

Is JJ Abrams the right choice to run DCEU movies?

This might actually be a trick question. I’m thinking he might be making 2 DC movies. He might be making a new Superman movie, amongst the rumors of Green Lantern, but I think with Captain Marvel already out, it might be a while before we see Green Lantern in the DCEU. Talk about crushing the competition.

I really think he might be relaunching Superman to go along with Matt Reeves Batman because let’s not forget that the two of them have quite a history together with Abrams handing Matt Reeves his big breakout movie.

And I think as soon as Robert Pattinson was cast as Batman, the doors of DCEU officially closed for Henry Cavill. Oh! What a missed opportunity.

Then after that, he might do a Justice League movie, but I think that would be it as Abrams I think would be gone after this and someone else from Bad Robot would be taking over the DCEU movies with Abrams checking up on them occasionally.

It seems like everybody in the industry is trying to replicate Kevin Feige formula, who let’s not forget is only a producer, and it seems they’re doing a terrible job at it. Just look at Kathleen Kennedy, who was hired with her relationship between George Lucas and Spielberg, even though she never loved the Star Wars franchise.

While Abrams has done a great job launching franchises like Mission Impossible, Cloverfield, Star Trek, and Star Wars. But he never really sticks to these franchises as we can see that only Mission impossible has been able to sustain itself, which I think is because of  Cristopher Mcquarrie who let’s not forget was a find of Tom Cruise. Abrams is still credited as a producer for the Mission Impossible movies and it, in fact, is made through Bad Robot which is Abrams company but the rest of the franchises, I think didn’t have much of a foundation, which made it impossible to build upon.

For example, Star Trek, I think it was a fatal blow for them to move forward with an alternate universe instead of rebooting it. And for Star Wars, it was exactly the same as A New Hope, beat for beat. And I’m still not sure how he agreed to kill Harrison Ford’s character. Also, how did they not get Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill in the same film together instead of focusing on one character in a movie?

Oh Hollywood, you should do a much deeper dive into a person’s career before hiring them to run a franchise.

My thoughts:

I don’t think Abrams is going to be a new Kevin Feige for DCEU, I don’t think he has any interest in becoming Feige, and I’m not sure it’s gonna be able to fix the DCEU entirely. He might be able to make good individual movies to start off with but I don’t think the foundation would be sustainable.

What DCEU needs right now is a producer who actually loves DC comics instead of a friend of a friend.

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