Robert Pattinson is the new BATMAN!


Robert Pattinson has been officially cast as the new Batman for the Matt Reeve’s Batman Trilogy. Nicholas Hoult had rumored to have been a strong contender for the role, but now it’s done and dusted, the new Batman is going to be Robert Pattinson.

Upon hearing this news, most of you including me were like “Wait! That Twilight Vampire guy that sparkles?” But Robert Pattinson has done some really solid work post Twilight. And he himself has admitted that he hates the Twilight series. Probably even more than you and me.

The new Batman trilogy from Matt Reeves is supposed to be a prequel and focus more on the early days of Bruce Wayne as Batman, so it made sense for them to recast a younger actor for the role. Pattinson is currently 33, which is 2 years older than what Christian Bale was when he took on the role for Christopher Nolan.

Since the movie is going to focus on the starting days of the cape crusader, the movie could take inspiration from Batman Year One, which would be a really good choice. But, the reports are suggesting it will be loosely based on “The Mask of Phantasm” which is considered as one of the best version of Batman but it is animated.

Matt Reeves has constantly spoken about wanting to take the franchise back to a classic place with more of a detective vibe. In recent years, Batman movies kept on getting bigger and consequently further away from its root as a detective comic. So, Matt Reeves is keen to reimagine everything up until now.

Now with the new Batman finalized, we want to know who the villain would be for the movie. While Matt Reeves has admitted that a number of the rogue galleries will be present in the movie but Penguin seems to be the best bet for the main antagonist. There are also rumors that Selina Kyle as Cat woman would show up somewhere in the movie primarily because she isn’t there in Birds of Prey.

But, Warner Brothers have admitted that it’s gonna be a long time before they do another justice league movie and the DCEU movies are primarily going to be self-contained, so there might even be 2 or 3 Batman movies in the making before the superheroes come together for another shot at the Justice League. So, recasting definitely makes sense. Let’s hope, Robert Pattinson can do a good job as Batman and we get to see a really good version of the Cape Crusader in the big screen.

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