7 Things to Know before watching Spiderman: Far From Home

SpiderMan – Far From Home is just around the corner and after 11 years of the MCU, a lot has changed, especially after Endgame. So for this list, we’ll be looking into 7 important things you should know before you go and watch the newest film about the friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Please note: We will be discussing the plot of Avengers: Endgame intensively, so this is a MAJOR SPOILER WARNING to anyone who hasn’t seen Endgame yet.

7. The Creative Team is Back

In 2017, Filmmaker Jon Watts delivered Spiderman: Homecoming which in its own right felt like Spiderman had finally come home to the MCU. The 2017 movie was both a superhero movie and a high school comedy. Given how the film turned out we are glad that not only Jon Watts would be back but 2 of the screenwriters of Homecoming, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers also return to the franchise.

6. Final Phase 3 Film

Surprisingly, Avengers Endgame is not the final film for Marvel’s Phase 3. Much like Age of Ultron wasn’t the final film for Phase 2. But the ramifications of Endgame will be felt throughout this movie. And this film will act as a bridge between Endgame and Phase 4 of the MCU. With Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow out of the picture, Spiderman seems like the best bet to kickstart the new age of superheroes in the MCU.

5. World without Iron Man

After the ending of Endgame, we were sure that nothing would ever be the same in the MCU, not for the fans and certainly not for the characters in the universe. Tony Stark not only gave his life to save the Earth but arguably the entire Universe from Thanos, which makes him the greatest hero of all time in the MCU. And for Peter, Tony was both a mentor and a surrogate father figure, and that is huge grief to be able to live with. With all of the world reminding him of Iron Man, along with the pressure to fill his void solely lying on Peter, it would be interesting to see how he turns out.

4. The Title’s Double Meaning

For the sequel to Homecoming, “Far from Home” seems like the continuation of the first movie. And to all the fans who aren’t into comic books, in the literal sense the film will see Peter Parker and his friends travel to Europe. But there is another symbolic meaning to the title as well, but we’ll not be spoiling that for anybody just yet. So, you’re gonna have to wait and see for yourself in theaters or check back in here after the movie releases.

3. New Spider Suits

According to the trailer for Far from Home, we will at least get to see Peter Parker wear 4 different spider suits in the film. First one of which is the classic Red and Blue suit, which we saw him wear in the Civil War and Homecoming. The next would be the Iron Spider suit which he wore during Infinity War and Endgame. The third one is the Classic Red and Black suit which is the original spiderman suit and it also has underarm webbing. The final and arguably the most exciting one is the Black Stealth Suit that he is probably given by Nick Fury during his mission.

2. Mysterio & The Elementals

Mysterio is one of the best and the oldest villain of Spiderman, having debuted all the back in the early 1960s. In the comics, Mysterio was learning how to be a villain at the same time when Spiderman was learning how to be a hero, which causes them to cross paths multiple times. Mysterio also becomes a major player in the group called Sinister Six, which as the name suggests is the group of 6 spiderman villains including Mysterio, Dr. Octopus, Shocker, Vulture, Scorpion, and Kraven: The Hunter. But, the trailer for Far From Home introduces Mysterio as a hero which had us confused for a second but we comic book fans know its all just a facade and he will be betraying Spiderman sometime soon.

Along with Mysterio, the trailer also introduces us to the Elementals. In particular, there were 3 elementals featured in the trailer, but we can’t really be sure they’re elementals. The first one we saw was the Water Elemental, Hydron or it could be a version of Hydroman. The second one we saw was the Sand Creature, which could be Earth Elemental, Magnum or actually be Sandman. The final elemental we saw was the fire elemental, Hellfire or Moltenman. Either this or they could all be illusions created by Mysterio. But if they are elementals, then there is a chance that the fourth elemental, Zephyr who can manipulate Wind be introduced in the film.

1. Multiverse

In the trailer, Mysterio mentions that the snaps have created a rift in the time-space continuum creating “The Multiverse”. If that is not a lie that is told by Mysterio, which many of the fans think might be the case, the possibility would be huge as it could explain how the Disney+ shows regarding Loki, Falcon & Bucky, Wanda & Vision, and Hawkeye training Kate Bishop to take on his mantle. MCU could also focus on one-off films that focus on the Multiverse and it could potentially link up the Sony’s Into the Spiderverse and Venom with the MCU’s Spiderman. This could also be an entry point to the newly owned characters by Disney namely the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, although that seems to be further down the line.

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