Wonder Woman 1984 – First Teaser Poster Released

So, Wonder woman 1984 is exactly one year out and now DC and WB have come out and decided that they will not be presenting in the Comic-Con this year. This certainly would be a bummer for most of the audience members out there who attend these events as DC has mostly been a winner at comic cons.

So to make up for this and for the delays to the actual which even the director Patty Jenkins has shown frustration over, they release the first teaser poster for the movie and Wow this is a surprise.

They show her wearing her classic Golden Eagle Armor from the comics and Gal Gadot looks amazing with all her makeup and hair being right on point for the look.

Aside from her comic book counterpart, this armor also has comparisons with the Phoenix force look in the Avengers vs X-men Comic series with the gold coloring and the chest plate

But I think it looks too much like the Aquaman costume from the movie that Jason Momoa was wearing with the color scheme and the scales. Really, why does her armor need scales? Would they give her a trident as well now?

What do you guys think about the new poster and the new armor for Wonder Woman 1984?

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